Top 10 Twitch eSports Channels


The eSports genre is enjoying a boom period right now. Prize money and revenues are bigger than ever before too.


Last year over $891 million was gambled on eSports events. One of the most popular places for fans to watch eSports is Twitch. The site has seen their popularity grow from 20 million monthly unique visitors in 2012 to 220 million a month in 2016.

As eSports gets more mainstream, the public perception of it has become way more positive. 6.6 billion hours of eSports footage was watched worldwide in 2016.

But how do you know which Twitch channels are worth a viewing session? Here’s a look at the top 10 eSports channels on Twitch right now.




We kick off the list with one of the most influential Twitch streamers around at the moment, in the shape of Wingsofdeath.

This famous League of Legends player has built a solid Twitch viewing audience for the live streaming of his gameplay but he’s also produced loads of other entertaining videos on his channel.

He’s become a fan favourite because of the insightful advice he gives on how players can improve their own LoL gaming, rather than because he’s part of a big name team.


KittyPlays is a Twitch streamer who is doing it for the girls. Her streams tend to focus on Counterstrike: Global Offensive.

When other female streamers, who shall remain nameless, try to use sex appeal to gain viewers, KittyPlays relies on her humorous banter to earn her viewership.

She is openly appreciative of her subscribers and after several donations from her viewers, she was able to take her Twitch channel to the next level. Her donation reactions even went viral on YouTube.